Clinic details

Regular consultations are available at Fiveways Therapy Centre which is in Sharrow. The address is 2 Kenwood Road, Sheffield S7 1NP. Appointments are also available in Walkley at the Lodge House Natural Health Practice.

If you have mobility issues, please contact me to discuss options. Online consultations using Skype may be available following an initial consultation in person.

I am available for a free 15 minute chat on the telephone if you are considering whether nutritional may help you or a family member. Telephone 07495 953540. Please leave me a message if I am not available and I will return your call as soon as I can.

The consultation process

The approach used in Nutritional Therapy is one of partnership, and encourages the client to feel able to take control of their future health. With the practitioner, a programme will be developed and the client given an opportunity to understand the possible root causes of their issues, and thus to be empowered and motivated to make changes. This approach has been found to be effective and supportive.

The consultation process is described below. It is important to also recognise that whilst changes made can quickly help the client feel better, nutritional therapy may require letting the body and mind adjust over time. Long term improvements can thus be achieved.

Before the initial consultation, a detailed nutritional health questionnaire is completed by the client and returned to the nutritional therapist.

The nutritional therapy package consists of two consultations.

  • The first appointment (60-75 minutes) includes building on information gathered from the questionnaire and gaining an in depth understanding of the aims of the client. An initial health action plan will be agreed, identifying both dietary and lifestyle goals.
  • The second appointment (40-60 minutes) will allow the practitioner to give an assessment of the client’s case. This will be based on research and analysis, taking into account the specific circumstances of the individual. With this information in mind, the potential underlying processes will be explained and a set of recommendations will be suggested. This will give the client an understanding of how dietary and lifestyle changes may help them to improve their health. A supportive and motivating approach is the aim of the process.

A single appointment of 60-75 minutes is also available, but the scope of this will be more limited than the standard package. An action plan will be formulated, and menus, recipes and information sheets will be offered.

Follow up appointments may be recommended or requested, depending on the issues discussed and the complexity of the case. These will usually be 45-60 minutes long.


I am happy to give talks on general or specific nutritional topics to groups – please contact me to discuss this option. Examples of topics are ‘Digestive health’ and ‘Bone health and Nutrition’.